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a quiet book

Each book has complete six pages. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery because they are made from scratch and buyer may request name embroidered on cover, specific theme or color to match nursery. May add additional pages for $5. Those activity pages would include ; peel the banana, weaving, puzzle, or shape my nose


Devotions Through Play

Serves as a devotional tool . This book keeps toddlers focused during sermons as well as alowing moms to enjoy her ocassional Latte. Pages also promote motor skils, cognitive skill and pretend play. This cloth book cannot be altered. May request child’s name on cover for an extra $5


Tips for Caring for the book

Quiet Books can be cleansed with a spray carpet cleaner.  Pages are Scotch Guarded at purchase.  After cleansing may re-scotch guard for effective cleansing. 
The “PERFECT TOY” to entertain without the use of technology.

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